Establishing clear strategies aligned with your specific goals and budgets and the changing needs of your clients.


Require additional support / have no in-house marketing department? Save and scale with a monthly marketing subscription.


Need to replace or update your website, or perhaps launch a new proposition? We deliver marketing projects on time and to budget.


How effective are your marketing campaigns? We put in place 3rd party tools to measure and report on marketing performance.


Establishing clear strategies aligned with your specific goals and budgets and the changing needs of your clients.

An effective marketing strategy is essential for any business seeking to build brand awareness, engage with and nurture potential clients, generate demand, optimise for desired actions and ultimately drive sales, improve client retention and increase market share.

Reaction Marketing specialises in establishing clear strategies aligned to your specific goals and budgets and the changing needs & behaviours of your customers. We will bring to the table the right expertise geared around your specific sector and stage in your business journey, providing a full breadth of research and planning expertise, through to traditional market research and analytical tools.

We take a ‘client-first’ approach to marketing planning. This means we start by discovering what your clients really want, moving to the business challenges we can help you address, and then how we can match your clients’ needs with your aspirations through innovative marketing strategies and tactics. Regardless of the solution, it will always be underpinned by insight-led thinking and creative expertise.


Use of audits, stakeholder workshops, focus groups and other research techniques to identify key business challenges and opportunities; understand your customers’ behaviours, motivations and preferences; and develop the key market insights that will form the backbone of your strategy.


Setting out a plan with measurable objectives and outlining the solutions to deliver desired results. An involved process, with some solid thinking and creative development to map out where are we now, how we might get there, which way is best and how we ensure arrival.


Establishing and measuring key performance indicators (KPIs), with appropriate tools, to clearly see what works and what doesn’t. Allowing you to direct your marketing spend toward the most effective activities to achieve commercial success.


Require additional support / have no in-house marketing department? Save and scale with a monthly marketing subscription.

If you need to turn up the tap on your marketing activity and don’t have sufficient in-house resource it will be hard to achieve the consistency required to establish a strong brand, a powerful online presence, increase the number of valuable leads coming in and grow business from your existing clients.

Whatever your marketing requirements, Reaction Marketing can put together a marketing subscription package to meet your specific marketing goals. Whether you have held back marketing budget due to Covid-19, new leads have dropped off, seeking horizontal growth, poor conversion rates, expensive advertising costs or simply marketing fatigue we can help.

There are many economic benefits of a retainer, including an increased focus on your brand and more time to run your campaigns with less on admin’. Each month we will gather more data to help inform the next, to continually improve effectiveness and return from your marketing spend.

Our process

With your input, we will select the most relevant marketing techniques to form the most effective strategy & related campaigns for your business right now. Steps:

  1. Fact finding: going through your current marketing plan and understanding your current goals.
  2. Creating your strategy: together we will discuss and agree on the best strategy/ies to meet your goals.
  3. Build your plan: selecting the most cost-effective techniques to achieve your strategy and form your monthly marketing subscription plan.
  4. Implementation: delivery with 15+ years’ marketing expertise together with access to a network of marketing specialists.
  5. Evaluation: on-going campaign progress tracking with updates and review calls at appropriate intervals.


Like with Netflix for streaming, Gousto for food or Amazon Prime for just about anything… we as a nation increasingly want services ‘on-demand’. So, why not have marketing expertise on tap, in return for a modest monthly fee? We work with you to select a plan to best fit your needs, and if it’s not quite right you can simply change it with only a month’s notice.

Multi-channel marketing

We take a multi-channel approach in line with your marketing strategies, in layman-terms working across all relevant media channels to get greater results for your budget. So whatever stage of your new business pipeline you are targeting we will use years of experience working with expanding businesses to design the multi-channel plan that’s best for you.

Results focused

Every marketing campaign should be analysed and gauged for its degree of success. During the initial engagement, we will establish with you a number of metrics (KPIs) to measure the performance of your campaigns. We always keep you in the loop with reports, including data from 3rd party data providers, for full transparency so you can see the results of our work.


Need to replace or update your website, or perhaps launch a new proposition? We deliver marketing projects on time and to budget.

Do you have an event, one-off campaign or digital project that you’d like help with? We love to get our teeth into marketing projects and with 15+ years of marketing project management experience we will see your project through to successful conclusion.

The most frequent projects we have delivered are new or redesigned websites. From brochure to full eCommerce we can deliver intuitive websites which aid your customer decision-making journey rather than confuse, helping you to achieve your online goals. With WordPress and other Content Management System (CMS) based websites, we can create and hand over a website build on a platform which allows you to continually update yourself with the greatest of ease.

Our process

Through productive project planning we focus on understanding your goals and building relationships with key stakeholders. We then form a delivery plan an undertake the required activity engaging with and updating you along the way, until successful project completion. Steps:

  1. Scoping: discussion and spec’ing out the overall project requirements. Also deciding on a prescribed (waterfall) or more agile approach.
  2. Quote: we will provide a quote, proposed time-frame and summary of the scope for the project, for you to review and accept if you are happy to proceed.
  3. Delivery: depending on our agreed approach and type of project, delivery will usually consist of engaging with all the appropriate stakeholders, designing then developing the core deliverables, testing / gathering feedback and then deployment / implementation.
  4. Evaluation: once the project has been completed we will review success with you and share any learning points for you to usefully use on future projects.


Whether in-person or virtual, we’ve a great track record in the planning & delivery of client hospitality events, webinars, workshops, conferences and exhibitions. In the current Covid-19 climate we are currently offering workshops on virtual client engagement.

One-off campaigns

One-off campaigns usually revolve around a milestone: e.g. new business launch, new product/service launch, merger/acquisition or corporate anniversary. Our campaigns will provide maximum impact in your market drawing attention away from your competitors.

Digital technology implementation

The most frequent marketing projects we work on are website audits and new website builds; however, we can manage the sourcing and implementation of any marketing technology, from e-mail marketing to CRM systems to complete digital experience platforms.


How effective are your marketing campaigns?  We put in place 3rd party tools to measure and report on marketing performance.

Reaction Marketing can provide data-driven insights on your email marketing, website and other online digital marketing activity.

How effective were the campaigns you delivered last financial year – are you measuring performance against business objectives/KPIs – were you able to communicate the impact on business growth to your business owners?

Reaction Marketing works with in-house marketing teams or business owners to support the growth of your business – providing tracking and analysis services to improve the effectiveness of your marketing activities. We can advise on the set-up of call / website user tracking solutions, right through to data visualisation tools – to drive better business decisions by analysing valuable marketing data for insights.

Measuring the performance of your digital marketing activities is a valuable investment to:

  • Use your digital marketing budget efficiently
  • Improve the conversion rates of your sales activity
  • select the right channels to reach your target audience
  • speed up campaign decision making
  • improve your return on investment

Lead tracking

Want to know which digital marketing channel is providing your most valuable leads? We can set up call tracking, Google Analytics and other 3rd party tools to provide valuable insights into which efforts are delivering most bang-for-your-buck.

CRM and Marketing Automation

Most client relationship management (CRM) systems and marketing automation (MA) platforms, provide reporting functionality. We can help configure your current CRM / MA (subject to relevant APIs) to report on the marketing activities that most influence specific contacts in your database.

Visualising data

Dashboards bringing together multiple data sources allow you to make smarter decisions faster. We can help you to set up data visualisation tools such as Google’s Data Studio, with invaluable insights from multiple sources such as Google Analytics, Ads, Search Console & YouTube Analytics.

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